Where do I start?

Prior to taking classes toward a Certificate in the EMHS Program at FSU, the prospective student must be:

  1. Accepted and enrolled in Florida State University as a student.
  2. Accepted into the appropriate EMHS Certificate Program (see below).

The University application and admissions process is outside the control of the EMHS Program. Links to FSU Applications are located farther down on this page.

Any student who is enrolled at FSU, as either a degree or non-degree seeking student, may apply>for admission into our Certificate Programs.

Certificate Application Process

Before a student may be issued a Certificate, they must apply for admission to that Certificate Program. This application must be submitted as early as possible, and before the student has completed six (6) credit hours of courses in the Certificate Program.

Students seeking admission to a Certificate Program should download and complete the EMHS Certificate Program Application and e-mail it along with an unofficial transcript to: application@em.fsu.edu

The student will receive an offical acceptance notification via email.

Upon completion of the certificate requirements, the student must request certificate issuance by contacting our office at cert_request@em.fsu.edu.

If you need help choosing classes, additional information on applying for the certificate, or other advising specific to the EM program, please contact us.

Download Application

How do I apply to FSU?

Interested in applying to FSU? Start the application process now:

For general FSU admissions questions, academic calendars, and financial aid assistance please visit the FSU Registrar's Office website.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to own a computer to take your online classes?
  • How do I apply to one of the certificate programs?
  • How do I receive the EM Certificate once I have completed all the courses?
  • How do I know which courses are offered in the future?
  • What textbooks are required for my class?
  • Can I take a class at the graduate level if I've already taken it at the undergraduate level?
  • Can I take the UAS course (or courses) as a non-degree seeking student?
  • Are the UAS courses offered at the Tallahassee campus or online?
  • Will the UAS courses be offered on a specific schedule?
  • Does the UAS course count toward the EMHS certificate?
  • When I complete this UAS certificate, will I be 'certified' to fly a UAS?
No, you do not need to own a computer to take online classes, but you must have access to a computer and the internet. Students will be required to submit assignments electronically and communicate with professors via email. For additional information, please consult FSU online Prospective Student FAQ(Hyperlink http://online.fsu.edu/prospective/faq.cfm) . Note: some classes offered by the Emergency Management Program require students to submit presentations that require microphone and/or webcam use. Students must have access to a webcam or other means of recording video/audio for the web.
Before you complete 6 credit hours in any of the programs, you must fill out a form and submit your unofficial transcript. Further instructions along with the required form can be found here.
You first must have completed a program application before the end of your second course in the certificate program. Then, after you have completed all the course requirements for your level of study (graduate or undergraduate) you will need to get in touch with our Program Administrator Susan Sullivan (ssullivan@cdrp.net). Indicate the courses you have completed, the address you'd like the certificate mailed and a copy of your unofficial transcript. If the record is complete, you will be issued the certificate which is then mailed to the address you provided. Successful completion of the courses applied to the EMHS Certificate is defined as a grade of C or higher (some courses may have higher grade requirements). Students who receive grades lower than a C in any courses must repeat that course if they wish to have it apply to the EMHS certificate.
The EMHS program tries to offer classes on a rotating schedule that meets the needs of the students. Please visit the Course Offerings page for a general schedule of classes for upcoming semesters.
Each course has different textbook requirements in the program. Please contact the instructor teaching the course about what textbooks are needed.
If you are involved with FSU for multiple degrees we do not allow students to repeat courses when achieving a second or graduate EM certificate. If you want to pursue a second graduate certificate in EM please get in touch with us and we will provide alternate courses for you to participate in.
Yes. You need to register with the university as a special (non-degree seeking) student through the normal FSU process. More information on that can be found here: https://admissions.fsu.edu/nonDegreeApp/ . Upon completion of registering with the school, you must fill out a certificate application before you finish your first six cour hours.
Both. Courses are offered as a mix of online (when possible) and in the classroom. Some courses are offered in a Weekend Intensive format, allowing students to travel to Tallahassee for three weekends during the semester to attend classroom and lab sessions.
Yes. Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Emergency Mangement is offered in the Spring (online) and Summer (classroom) semesters. Application of UAS (the second course) is offered during Fall semester. Policy and Implementation of UAS is offered in the Spring semester in the classroom.
Yes. It counts as any of our other EM courses.
The Application of UAS certificate demonstrates to employers and insurers that the student is a trained and capapble operator - however, we do not 'certify' people to fly UAS.