Applied Research. Practical Solutions.

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Applied research projects provide opportuinties for students to go beyond the classroom.

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Our faculty have real-world experience - and that translates to more effective solutions.

Learn more about CDRP

Providing Practical Solutions To Real World Problems

CDRP has the experience, technology, and drive to develop a custom solution to your emergency management problem. From training and exercises to plan facilitation and UAS program development, we can address your needs.

Who We Are

Applied Research. Practical Solutions.

CDRP is an applied research center in the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy at Florida State University. We were created in 1976 as the Florida Public Affairs Center and adopted the CDRP name in 1996 when our focus shifted to primariliy disaster and emergency management issues. As an applied research center, our mandate is to translate cutting edge ideas and policy into practical products and projects for local, state and federal entities. We've built statewide bioterrism exercises, facilitated plan development, worked in emergency operations centers, and more. This real-world experience creates better solutions, and ties into our work in the classroom.

Emergency Management and Homeland Security Program

The EMHS Program is the academic arm of the Center, and has been teaching EM courses since 1996. We strive to provide relevent, realistic, and applicable education relating to classic emergency management, terrorism and counter-terrorism and intelligence studies. By utilizing the lessons learned from the Center's work, EMHS faculty and staff provide relevant, real-world educational opportunites inside (and beyond) the classroom. EMHS offers three certificate programs: Emergency Management, Intelligence Studies, and Unmanned Aircraft Systems.


What Can We Do For You?

Training and Exercises

Our staff are dedicated to providing the best training and exercise experience possible, both online and in the classroom. We have decades of real-world experience and expertise, ensuring your training and exercise program meets the learning needs of your organization. Custom solutions provide a firm foundation for success.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Our UAS team has worked for years both domestically and interationally on mitigation, preparedness and response missions, including deployments to Matthew, Harvey and Irma. We can provide UAS support, augment your Air Operations Branch, and coordinate a variety of resources.

Disaster Intelligence

Good information drives good decisions. We have worked at deriving solid disaster-related open source intelligence since 2011, and we can bring that expertise to bear on your jurisdiction's latest crisis. Disaster Intelligence allows your decision makers to be better informed, faster, than ever before.

Practical + Academics = Pracademics

Pracademics! We pride ourselves on being an effective mix of academia and practical experience. We teach at FSU, and we bring that knowledge to bear on your EM related issues - creating solutions that are innovative and effective in the 'real-world'. Our staff has extensive experience in local, state and Federal emergency management and crisis response, as well as national intelligence and security. We've done training and exercises, completed mitigation projects, worked activations in state and local EOC's, responded/deployed to disasters, and worked to keep communities safe before, during, and after disasters.

This approach gives our clients the best of both worlds, particularly as we develop emerging technology into emergency management.

Our students are a valuable resource. Our students have varied backgrounds and majors, and they provide us with new insight on every project we do. Our students have developed evacuation plans in Haiti, collected data for the Red Cross in Belize, mapped remote areas, developed hazard assessments, worked in the State EOC during activations, and participated in countless exercises and training sessions.