Exercise Design and Conduct

CDRP has extensive experience in all levels of exercise design - from seminars to full-scales. Our services include HSEEP development as well as marketing, branding and delivery. We have a developed and delivered tabletop exercises for Federal agencies, Statewide Full Scale Exercises, and repeated series of exercises at the local level. Our subject matter expertise combined with our exercise qualifications create a cost-effective solution. Some of our more notable exercises include:

  • Seminole Storm
  • Good Luck Charley
  • Panhandle Particle Plume Series
  • Influenze Control Exercise
  • Market Mayhem Series
  • eXtreme eXposure Series
  • Pandemic Pandemonium
  • Beleaguered Bus (named “Model Practice” by NACCHO)
  • Caduceus Shield
  • Bioshield

Tabletop Exercise System Design (TEST)

Tabletop Exercise System Technology (TEST) is a ground-breaking system for conducting computer-mediated tabletop exercise. TEST allows a small team of facilitators to condcut engaging and educational tabletop exercises for groups of virtually any size. TEST brings lifelike injects into the exericise, ensuring that particpants are kept 'in the moment' and working the scenario. This immersive environment allows a thorough review of an organization's planning and operating procedeures - exposing issues before a real-world event strikes.

TEST allows for rapid exercise development and efficient uses of resources - making your exercise more effective and successful. Participants in a TEST exercise can cover more material, interact with other teams, and learn in a safe and constructive envirnment.

TEST is available for license or as part of an exercise design project.

Disaster Intelligence

No agency, organization, or company ever has enough information during a disaster. CDRP helps fill this gap through the use of open source intelligence (OSINT) and data visualization. We have leveraged OSINT for actionable information since 2011, including law enforcement actions, electon outcomes, public health events, numerous Tropical Storms and flooding events, and Hurricanes Matthew, Harvey, and Irma. We work with our partners to develop a specific collection plan, and provide tailored reports and visualizations on a pre-determined schedule.

CDRP faculty and staff are recognized experts on the collection and analysis of OSINT during disasters and can meet the needs of both public and private sector oganizations. Ask us how we can help you before your next crisis.

UAS Training

Our small UAS experience in emergency management is matched by very few organizations. We can develop a custom program of instruction for your operators as well as develop programs and policies for your agency or business. We offer custom classes or pre-developed certificates on UAS operations and management.

Our UAS training offerings include:

UAS Services and Program Development

CDRP provides UAS services to a variety of clients and missions, including mitigation support, damage assessment, and search services. Our UAS team is on standby to assist you with any incident or disaster. We have worked for non-profit organzations, local law enforcement, county emergency management, and state agencies.

Sample services/mission support available include:

  • Search and Rescue
  • Damage Assessment
  • Incident/Accident Reconstruction
  • Mapping Support and 3D Modeling
  • Law Enforcement Support, Including K9 Support
  • Hazard Analysis
  • Coastal/Beach Monitoring (Pre-storm and post-storm)
  • Wildland Firefighting Support
  • Event Security and Support

Our teams are experienced and credentialed (14 CFR Part 107, 14 CFR Part 61, and Public Aircraft Certificates of Authorization) and equipped with a variety of aircraft, support systems, and sensors. We can integrate the captured data with your GIS section or incident command.

We are also expereinced in developing UAS programs for agencies. We can help you get started, including COA and Waiver applications, Standard Operating Procedure Development, and custom training and exericse programs.

Plan Development / Planning Facilitation

No, we can't write your emergency operations plan. Well, we can - we are good - but it won't help you. What we can do is facilitate your planning process. That means we can guide you through the planning process and ensure you develop an effective plan for your organization. This includes hazard analysis, hazard profiling, the concept of operations, annexes and appendicies, and Supporting Material.

Why can't we write your plan? Because without your input and assistance, the plan will miss crucial information and may not be effective during an emergency. Even more important - if you don't write it, you won't read it. With our help, however, we will make the process painless (well, less painful) for your organization.

Training and Professional Development

Good training provides the foundation for good performance. Our experts in emergency management focused training can teach your existing material, or we can develop and conduct customized training to fit your specific needs. We have courses on UAS applications, disaster intelligence, and executive crisis management ready to go now, at your location or ours. We mix lecture with class discussion and hands-on activities to drive home learning objectives and meet the needs of students. Our experience in the classroom and in the field creates an engaged and active learning environment - and avoids student boredom.

We can combine training sessions with discussion based (tabletop) exerises to enhance learning and ensure your organization is ready to face a variety of scenarios.

Contact us today and get your organization's training needs evaluated.

Curriculum Development

We offer custom curriculum development from a team of experienced designers. We can create content for your online or classroom classes, tied to your specific learning objectives and outcomes. Content authoring, presentation design, instructor materials, and assessments can all be included - custom branded to fit your organization.

Our services will give your instructors all the material they need to conduct a successful class for your staff or clients.

IT Development

From simple website design to databased driven applications, we can make your IT needs a reality. Our IT staff have decades of experience in creating useful and simple solutions to a variety of issues. We've built housing database applications for FEMA, virtual organizations for the State of Florida, and custom software to meet the needs of a variety of clients.

Contact us to discuss your needs and we can get you up and running quickly!

Standard Hourly Rates

We offer project consulting on a variety of emergency management and public administration topics, and can develop a custom proposal to match your needs. Our standard hourly rates are as follows:

  • Senior Faculty Consultant - $120/hr
  • Senior Information Technology Developer/Administrator - $100/hr
  • Senior Instructional/Training Designer - $100/hr
  • Faculty Consultant - $80/hr
  • Database Developer/Administrator - $75/hr
  • Systems Administrator - $75/hr
  • Instructor/Trainer - $60/hr
  • Consultant - $60/hr
  • Administrative Support - $35/hr
  • Graduate Student Support - $20/hr

All hourly rates include fringe and benefits. Travel and direct costs will be included separately in the proposal.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to develop an exercise?
  • Are you a State agency?
  • Can you provide CEUs?
  • Can you teach our existing training class?
  • Can you custom develop a training curriculum?
  • Will you write our plan for us?
  • Do you only teach in Tallahassee?
  • Are you hiring?
Exercise design times can range from a few weeks to a few months - depending on the complexity and type of exercise you need. We develop custom objectives, tied to your organziation's needs, and guide you through the sometimes daunting HSEEP (Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program) process. From your intial concept, we create engaging discussion-based and operatons-based exercises, complete with custom injects that engage partcipants and maximize learning.
Yes, we are. This can simplify your procurement process - check with your procurement and contract specialists.
Yes, we can provide CEUs. Contact us for more details and pricing.
Our instructors can teach your existing material, or design new content - it depends on your needs. We are experienced in face-to-face instruction as well as online facilitation of course material.
Yes! From simple half day trainings to multi-day or week long training sessions, we can build what you need.
We can, but you don't want us to. Planning requires engagement from the organization, and it is best accomplished with a combined team of insiders and outside professionals. We guide you through the development of your plan - ensuring that you and your organization are ready to execute in a time of crisis.
No. We can teach at our facilties at FSU in Tallahassee, or we can come to you. Online training is also available.
Not currently, but let us know if you are interested!