Judith Cuadra, PhD

Teaching Faculty I

  637 Bellamy

Dr. Cuadra is a faculty member at CDRP and is responsible for all outside applied and and academic research undertaken by the Center. While working in her master’s degree in Japan, Dr. Cuadra conducted research on human response to disaster scenarios in the Disaster Prevention Research Institute DPRI at Kyoto University. The data collected from several hours of field work in Japan and Nicaragua produced a master thesis which included a comparative study of human responses to emergency situations in Japan and Nicaragua, and an original workshop design for disaster awareness rising.

Later she focused her PhD dissertation on vulnerable human settlements in developing countries and disaster prevention efforts. The resulting data from her dissertation compiled and contrasted Philippines and Chile High Risk Informal Settlements and Participatory Planning this included lessons from post disaster relocation projects. Dr. Cuadra has successfully conducted field research in Japan, Nicaragua, Philippines, Chile, Belize and Nepal.

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